New publications related to the project in Ibérica nº 42

Issue 42 of Ibérica includes two publications related to the arText project.

Firstly, the article “Comparing textual genres in Spanish: the case of the tourism domain” is published. The goals of this research are: a) to carry out a linguistic analysis of three genres from the tourism domain on the textual, lexico-grammatical and discourse levels to gain a comprehensive understanding of the features of these text types, and b) to compare these genres in order to identify statistically significant differences among them and show that some specific linguistic features are prototypical of each one. This linguistic information is integrated in the arText tool to write the following genres of the tourism field: informative article, travel blog post and rules and regulations.

Secondly, it includes a review by Dámaso Izquierdo-Alegría of the book “El discurso del ámbito de la administración. Una perspectiva lingüística“, published by Iria da Cunha in 2020 (Editorial Comares).

The references of the publications are:

Da Cunha, Iria; Montané, M. Amor; Fisas, Beatriz; Escobar, M. Ángeles (2021). «Comparing textual genres in Spanish: the case of the tourism domain». Ibérica 42. 163-190. ISSN 1139-7241

Izquierdo-Alegría, Dámaso (2021). «El Discurso del ámbito de la Administración. Una perspectiva lingüística. Iria da Cunha. Granada: Editorial Comares, 2020, 210 Páginas. ISBN: 978- 84-9045-955-3». Ibérica, 42. 250-254. ISSN 1139-7241

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