Aims & Methodology

The main goal of this project is to develop a prototype of automatic system that helps to write specialized texts in Spanish from three different fields that are relevant in the Spanish society, for university students, professionals and citizens in general. The main fields that have been selected are:

  1. health and science (specifically, the family medicine field),
  2. legal-economic (specifically, the public administration field),
  3. services (specifically, the tourism field).

To achieve the main goal, there are three specific goals:

a. For each field (family medicine, public administration and tourism), to select the textual genres that involve writing problems for students and professionals from the Spanish society. As for the administration field, only citizens are taken into account, because they are the ones who could really need to write texts adressed to public administration.

b. To analyze the main characteristics of the textual genres that have been selected from different linguistic levels. The goal is to integrate these characteristics in a technical specifications that guide the implementation of a prototype of computer-assisted writing.

c. To integrate these characteristics in a computer system of assisted writing. This system will help the user to elaborate a structure and to write these genres properly.


Selection of the textual genres in each field of the project (family medicine, public administration and tourism). Analysis of the typical  characteristics of the genres from different linguistic levels. Development of a computer-assisted writing  of the selected genres. System dissemination.