This project from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED 2015I/POOP/004), is funded by one of the BBVA Foundation Grants  for Researchers and Cultural Creatives in the 2015 edition.* Its main goal is to develop a prototype of automatic system that helps to write specialized texts in Spanish from three different fields that are relevant in the society: medicine, public administration and tourism. The project is developed in a interdisciplinary research framework that join two fields: linguistics (the analysis of the specialized discourse) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The main innovations of the system are:

  1. It is focused on the writing of textual genres in Spanish from these three fields. For example, a clinic history in medicine, a business plan in tourism or a complaint in public administration.
  2. The level of specialization is taken into consideration in each genre and three different types of linguistic information are included: lexical, textual and discursive information.
  3. It is aimed to different users: university students and medical and tourists professionals, and citizens that must write texts for the public administration.

This project has an impact in the science, but also in the Spanish society, because the system that we will develop will be available to any citizen.


Press Kit (last update: 24 January, 2018)

* The BBVA Foundation is not responsible for the opinions, comments and content included in the project and/or results derived therefrom, which are full and absolute responsibility of their authors.