Participation of the arText team at the INNDOC2023 Conference

Several members of the arText team participated in the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Teaching and Research in the Social and Legal Sciences (INNDOC2023), which took place on July 8 and 9 in virtual format.

On the one hand, Sara Pistola and Susana Viñueales have presented the communication “Use of an assisted editor for writing administrative texts: a proposal for the preparation of the Final Degree Project (TFG)”. In this work, Sara and Susana have presented a TFG proposal that incorporates a writing administrative texts task using the sistema arText. You can read the abstract and watch the presentation in this link.


On the other hand, Jadranka Gladic and Iria da Cunha presented the communication “A characterization of the Law Degree in Spanish and Chilean universities”. In this study, Jadranka and Iria make a contrastive analysis on the number of Final Degree Projects in the field of Law that exist in the two countries mentioned and the sub-themes they deal with. You can read the summary of the paper and retrieve the presentation in this link.